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So, What’s Your Style?

Posted by Campbell-Homes

Campbell Homes. Life with Comfort.  Life with Style.

Everyone has a personal style whether it’s your hairstyle, your fashion style, or your home style.  As the experts in comfortable and stylish homes, we often hear our families ask our designer “What’s my style?”

Here are the more typical design style styles to help you put a label on your home and your style!

French County – French country design incorporates beautiful fabrics, distressed woodwork, open beam ceilings, hardwood floors, natural materials, extensive use of stone, and bright.  Sunny yellow and soft gold, red and burnt rust, bright grass green and dark hunter green, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones — all these are found in this decorating style. Rough stained or painted plaster walls, beamed ceilings and walls, delicate carved wood details, and chair seats woven of rush give texture and simplicity to the look. Natural stone floors are covered with wool or cotton rugs. If French Country is your style, consider a more rustic hardwood floor, wall colors that tend to go towards yellow, and darker cabinets with crown molding and black appliances.

Contemporary – While it’s been thought that modern interiors are cold and minimalist, today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. A contemporary style home can be a quiet and comfortable retreat. To achieve the look of a contemporary home incorporate simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines that showcase space rather than things.  By focusing on colors including neutrals, black, and white, the palette is often punched up and accented with bright and bold color. Furniture is smooth, clean, and geometric. Upholstered furniture often wears black, white, or other neutral tones in textured natural fibers. Fabrics often have a natural look found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, jute, and add textural appeal. If your style is contemporary, consider no frills fireplaces, granite countertops, wall color  and carpet in shades of grey, use of stainless steel in appliances and fixtures, and floors of sleek wood or simple tile.

Traditional style homes are among the most popular styles in homes. There is a fine line between traditional style and other design ascetics, such as “Old World”, but if used sparingly, antiques have rich and intricate woodwork, a great compliment to the traditional style. Traditional design can be taken in numerous directions, depending on the homeowner’s particular taste. Wall and carpet colors of whites, creams, greens, and neutral tones are favorites of this style. Traditional design reflects order, precision, and tailoring. Furnishings (including furniture and window treatments) are orderly and tailored but not cold. Create intimate sitting areas with your furniture. Warm up areas even more with woodworking. And have your rooms open to the outdoors with perfectly chic French doors.

Cottage style has a colorful, comfortable look characterized by painted or decorated furniture with graceful lines, weathered finishes, textural elements such as baskets, beadboard walls, and natural-fiber rugs.  Colors are taken straight from nature whether it’s the flower garden, the meadow, or the sea. Cottage surfaces show the wear and tear of age without looking overly rustic. A combination of surfaces and sheens coexist casually, such as a piece of glazed pottery paired with a weathered tin planter. Oil rubbed bronze fixtures and lighting, hardwood floors with plenty of character, and painted (or white) cabinetry are an ideal accent to a cottage style home.

Mountain Lodge brings the outdoors in with textures and colors inspired of nature. Look at the colors from your surroundings such as the sky, plants, trees, the ground and water. When choosing colors for your fabrics and paint, use deep, rich colors like forest green, brown, tan, reds, and blues. Leather upholstered furniture (accented with thick, warm fabrics, blankets, plaids, and stripes) is typical in lodge decorating. For a rustic lodge type look, incorporate dark granite countertops, oil rubbed bronze fixtures, black or stainless steel appliances, open beams, and richly stained and distressed wood floors of varying widths.

Tuscan interiors feature a rustic, sunbaked look characterized by stone patios, simple and sturdy furnishings with elegant iron accents, and tile or wood floors and tile countertops. The rustic Tuscan color palette leans heavily on earthy or sunny colors, unpretentious hues evocative of a Tuscan hillside.  Stucco exteriors and wrought-iron accessories such as staircase spindles and light fixtures can reinforce the Tuscan theme. Rough plaster (or hand plastered) walls often soar to a rustic beamed ceiling. Consider shades of yellow when selecting paint colors. Windows are simple and left bare to take advantage of unfiltered natural light.

As we said, at Campbell Homes, we’re all about comfortable and stylish living. That’s why all of our homes come in a variety of style with the ability to personalize the interiors at our design center.  Always remember that your new home is all about you! Don’t ever feel obligated to follow someone else’s “rules” of design. Mixing and matching is always the best way to make your home your own.  However, if you still need to put a label on your “style”, have some fun with the HGTV’s Style Finder to help you decide the look of your new home in Colorado Springs.

NEW energy efficient Campbell Homes come standard with peace of mind and a guaranteed move-in date in five Colorado Springs locations. Campbell Homes’ models are open daily to 6 p.m.  Or, for additional information on comfortable and stylish new Campbell Homes and our outstanding home warranty and customer service, visit any new home community or our online sales office at


Posted by Campbell-Homes

As we officially enjoy the last full week of summer, many of us are turning our thoughts to fall colors, fall clothes and preparation for winter months ahead of us.  Don’t be caught in the cold, now is the time for easy repair projects that will insure your warmth and comfort over in the coming winter months.

  1.  Have the furnace checked:  For many of us we haven’t thought about the furnace since we broke out our shorts and tank tops nearly five months ago.  Don’t want to wait until the first snowflake flies to take care of this one.  Start by purchasing enough furnace filters to change your filter on a monthly basis.  We recommend that you change your furnace filter on the first day of each month.  Second, contact a licensed heating contractor in your community to check your furnace. And, while he’s there, inquire about having a high performance programmable thermostat installed to promote energy efficiency in your home. In most cases, a programmable thermostat will run around $100.00 – $150.00 installed. Remember many heating contractors offer fall specials so check for online coupons or direct mail coupon booklets in your mailbox.
  2. A healthy fireplace: Have you ever had a squirrel fall down your chimney?  Believe me – it’s a wild, chaotic experience as it runs around your home, jumping from window to window, bringing treasured antique plates crashing down as it jumps from the windowsill to your antique china cabinet! Did you know that scared, angry squirrels bark and growl!  It’s not fun and I don’t recommend it for anyone!  Can you imagine if there was a roaring fire going in the fireplace? Flaming squirrel! Not a good scenario!  So before you start the first cozy fire of fall, have the chimney checked and cleaned by a trained and insured chimney sweep.
    If you are in a new home, contact your homebuilder for a recommendation on a licensed contractor to schedule an appointment to have the pilot light, gas lines, and igniter checked to insure proper operation when the right mood and temperature dictate the warming glow of your natural gas fireplace.
  3. Check and caulk windows: It takes time to inspect windows so make sure you start this project when you have several hours for the process.   Check the exterior or interior caulking, re-caulking where necessary. Check the wood trim around windows and caulk, repair and repaint as necessary. While you are there, don’t forget to check window screens and repair or replace any damaged screens so you’re ready to enjoy the fresh air of warm fall days.
  4. Winterize pipes by inspecting pipes under your home to find pipes in need of new or additional insulation.  Then simply measure the pipe to be insulated, cut the appropriate length of insulation, wrap it around the pipe and tape in place.
  5. Disconnect outdoor hoses and store them in the garage for easy access when winter watering conditions are ideal.   Drain your sprinkler system according to manufacturer directions and turn off the timer.
  6. Make sure attic vent covers are in place to insure that blowing snow doesn’t penetrate your home’s attic.
  7. Repair and repaint interior and exterior doors:  Winter freezing and thawing can create a great deal of damage to interior and exterior doors.  Repair and repaint interior and exterior doors and trip to insure water won’t penetrate and cause damage when temperatures drop below freezing.
  8. Tend to your garden and outdoor living areas: Clean and store outdoor furniture and cushions. Clean and seal (about every other year) your deck.  Before mowing, increase the cutting height for late autumn/fall mowings, as this leaves a good surface area for the grass to photosynthesis. Autumn lawn care is important, as it will affect next summer’s lush lawn.  Apply an autumn fertilizer that is high in phosphorous, which encourages root growth.  Make sure you don’t use a standard summer blend that will encourage leaf growth, which you don’t want.  As long as you are outside working, seal your concrete driveway to help prevent water damage from freezing and thawing over winter months.
  9. Adjust your garage door opener and check your garage seal:  We recommend calling in a professional when dealing with the adjustment of an automatic garage door opener. Also check for a proper seal around your garage door to insure water, snow, and unwanted pests won’t penetrate your garage during fall and winter months.
  10. Check your roof for leaks before you discover wet ceilings as the first winter snow begins to melt on your roof.  When repairing a leak, remove damaged or loose shingles, apply roofing cement around the entire area at least 1/8” thick, and replace shingles by starting at the top and working your way down.  When working with roof leaks, repair at least a 3-foot area around the damaged shingles.   As long as you are on the roof, clean gutters of debris that’s collected from falling leaves and pine needles.

These simple fall home maintenance tips are brought to you courtesy of the Customer Care Department of Campbell Homes in Colorado Springs.

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As new homebuilders in Colorado Springs, we just love rules, regulations, codes, and trends! So when we saw the latest news from on new homebuyer trends, we just had to pass it along!

Small Is the New Big
Today’s consumers’ want more functional areas that can be summed-up as “practicality without sacrifice.” To have lower price point, homebuyers are willing to sacrifice size as long as they don’t have forfeit functionality.

Think Spaces, Not Rooms
Families are looking for multi-function areas, driven by lifestyles that often mix family, work, and friends into the same arena. Today’s home continues to evolve from strict borders of formal rooms to blended areas or zones of purpose, allowing families to maintain their lifestyle for entertaining, working, family activities, and private retreats.

Density, Density, Density Across the United States, the drive toward increased density is going strong and gaining speed. Often referred to as “smart growth”, the demand for increased density is leading new home developers to create innovative communities with well through out common and private spaces.

Green Is Gold
Energy efficiency is on the “must have” list for today’s homebuyers. The rising costs of utilities are demanding that new home builders provide not only stylish and more comfortable homes but high performance homes crafted with renewable products, energy efficient building technologies and best practices, energy efficient windows, and high efficient appliances that perform better and save money.

Outdoor Living Is In
Home buyers are looking for homes that expand their living space by incorporating functional outdoor rooms with outdoor fireplaces and cooking areas

Walk-in Closets: The walk-in closet is also a must. Not just in master bedrooms but in secondary bedrooms and mini-master suites as well.

Linen Closets: Smaller spaces are increasing the need for not only flow but also functionality. reports there’s an increasing need for functional storage of all types, and linen closets are an essential element for today’s home designs.

Large Kitchen: As always, the kitchen serves as the heart of the home – the hub of daily activity.  So, there’s no surprise that a large kitchen is once again on the list of new home “must haves”.

Kitchen Island: Today’s up and down market are calling for home to be a place of sanctuary where casual living is a needed escape. Smaller homes are more functional, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens are being combined into a great room with many purposes. Kitchen islands are an essential place for casual dining, family gatherings, and a separation point for the kitchen and great room.

Home Office/Study: We’re no longer a 9 to 5 society as many of us are telecommuting or sole proprietors. The home office or study (one that provides privacy but access to the family) is a key design feature.

Walk-In Pantry: Who is not a member of Costco or Sam’s? Warehouse club memberships are up and homeowners are looking for a place to store those cases of canned soup, industrial packages of paper towels, and twenty-pound bags of rice. Walk-in pantries are the key to efficient storage.

Wood Cabinets: Nearly 8 out of 10 U.S. homebuyers consider laminate cabinets to be undesirable. Instead, most homebuyers prefer solid wood designs in a variety of finishes.

Countertops: Three out of four homebuyers could care less about laminate countertops. With the kitchen being the hub of family activity, homebuyers are looking for natural or other solid surface countertop materials.

Garage(s): Despite the trend toward smaller homes, nearly 74% of homebuyers prefer a two+ car garage, which often double as storage space even when the owners only have one car.

Curb Appeal: Our homes say a great deal about who we are and where we are in life. Curb appeal is important to today’s homebuyers, and most consumers find vinyl siding to be undesirable.

If your current home isn’t quite stacking up to your lifestyle, consider Campbell Homes in Colorado Springs! Our stylish and comfortable energy efficient new homes in Colorado Springs offer flexible living spaces in the best new home neighborhoods and master planned communities in Colorado Springs.  Our well thought out new home designs include walk-in closets in bedrooms, walk-in pantries, upper level laundry rooms, home offices, and large kitchens with center islands.  Our exteriors come in a variety of styles from craftsmen, to European cottage, to Mediterranean.  And with options to personalize your new home with stucco, granite, hardwoods, and more, why would you even want to consider the resale home around the corner with 20-year old carpet, oak laminate cabinets, and scratched Formica countertops?

Starting in the low $200s, NEW Campbell Homes come standard with peace of mind and a guaranteed move in date in seven Colorado Springs locations. Our model homes in Colorado Springs are open daily to 6 p.m.  Or, for additional information visit our online sales office at


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Meridian Ranch KithcenAs we mentioned last week, we’re just back from the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) International Builders Show in Orlando where we learned about new trends in home designs and features as well as interior selections and colors. We mentioned last week that this year’s interiors are a blend of styles and colors commonly seen at trendy showrooms like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. To expand on this more, we went back to the pros for their professional perspectives.

According to industry experts, today’s homeowners are asking themselves the questions – what they need to live well and demanding innovation that addresses issues of balance and products that reflect individuality. They say that 2011 can best be characterized by three keywords: natural, authentic, and funny.


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As we mentioned last week holiday stress tends to get the best of even the best of us!  There’s decorating to be done, parties to attend, gifts to be bought, cards to be mailed.  And, all of this is on top of our every day activities of work and family! Having started preparing for the holiday season two weeks before Thanksgiving, I thought I had an excellent handle on everything that needed to be done.  And then, the week of December 6 hit and it’s been none stop going, parties, out of town guests, check writing, calls about holiday dinner menus, etc.   This is supposed to be a fun time of the year – isn’t it?

In an attempt to regain control of my life and enjoy the festivities of the season, I once again consulted with the experts at HGTV for the perfect tips on how “Take Back My Calendar!”

Professional Organizer, Vicki Norris, says your schedule could be at the root of the holiday stress instead of holiday bliss. Vicki, who is also an author and expert guest on HGTV’s Mission Organization, says a peaceful season begins by focusing on your calendar with these five simple guidelines.

1. Decide what is most important to you. Ask yourself: What would I be sorry if I missed? If the answer is no then the event needs to come off your calendar.  If the answer is yes, then something else needs to go.

2. Differentiate between obligations and choices. “If you have been dragging yourself to the company party for years, vainly attempting to illuminate the neighborhood with your twinkle lights (in the rain), or dreading hosting one more expensive gathering, let yourself off the hook.” Vicki continues.

3. Schedule the events and family traditions that are important to you. This is when you get out your calendar. Prioritize invitations, and schedule the most important ones first. “Eliminate any that you cannot reasonably fit in without overload,” she says. “Prioritizing them on your calendar gives them a place of honor.” Be courteous and send in RSVPs early.

4. Schedule preparation time. This is the step that often gets forgotten, but it is one of the most important. If you have baking or cooking to do, schedule menu preparation and time for shopping. Schedule time to clean, decorate, mail Christmas cards and wrap. Vicki also suggests that you “Make holiday preparations richer by including friends.” Bring friends together for a “wrap party” or a “card party.” Go ahead and schedule post-holiday chores. Plan a day to return gifts and to take down and recycle the tree.

5. Simplify gift giving. Start by setting a gift-giving budget.  Vicki (and Dave Ramsey) both say, “This is the ideal time not to try to keep up with the Joneses.” Buy gift cards and “give an experience rather than more stuff.” Make holidays richer by donating to others. Consider enlisting family and friends for a day of volunteering or asking your family to embrace sponsoring a less fortunate family’s holiday.

Don’t let the reason for the season be overshadowed by too much to do and too little time to enjoy it.  For more tips on how to keep your holidays festive and stress free in your new home in Colorado Springs, visit Campbell Homes each week for our latest tip.

From the Campbell Homes family to yours, Happy Holidays!